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spray tan fresno
spray tan fresno

Spray Tans Fresno CA

More About the History of the Spray Tan

spray tan fresno
Coco Chanel
Purposely tanning is relatively new, just since the early 1900's, and due to designer Coco Chanel disembarking from a yacht with a tan in the 1920's, and people noticed, of course, and a new fashion trend took hold.

Prior to that, the poor and working class people were tanned due to outdoor manual labor, while the upper class prided themselves on looking pale to the point of applying white concoctions consisting of tree resins, like myrrh and frankincense (Ancient Egypt), lead- or mercury-based powders (Japan and China).

Spray Tan Fresno, CA

Fair skin remained aesthetically ideal in Europe as well, representing glamour and luxury. During the reign of Louis XIV, 1638-1715, members of the royal court strove for a flawless, pale complexion, avoiding the sun, of course, and using cosmetics that would conceal scars from diseases prevalent at the time like smallpox and also whiten their faces. The powders contained mercury and lead, too, and were applied with wax, whale blubber, and vegetable oil. After that base layer, rouge made of red lead and cinnabar, all unknown toxins at the time, were applied to the cheeks all the way to the eyes. Unfortunately, long-term use led to skin damage, loss of teeth, poisoning, and other problems.

Towards the end of the 17th century, doctors in France noted the dangers of these substances and were successful in banning their use in cosmetics. During the Victorian era, beauty was associated with purity and innocence, thus make-up use was for those who were neither. By the 18th century, a more natural, subtle face took the place of the alabaster look, although avoidance of the sun was still preferred to maintain a more pale complexion and as proof of one's social status.

After Coco accidentally popularized tanning, and, thankfully, swim attire was far less cumbersome than it had been, which had consisted of wool, flannel, and weights to retain maximum modesty, the sun began to indicate pleasure, relaxation, and health. Those pleasures also meant sunburns, which meant a product was needed to avoid the burn. Products were introduced to be preventative and still tan and soften the skin. The future founder of L'Oreal had his research team develop a product that could prevent sunburn while he was sailing, and yet still get tanned.

They did it in 1935 and the once highly desired pale look that marked the rich turned into a desire to bronze as a mark of wealth and glam, since that meant one had the time and money to travel to places where a tan could easily be attained.

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In the 1940's, WWII, women were using tea bags to mimic a tan.

The 1950's brought the first fake tan product, after a researcher at an Ohio hospital, Eva Wittgenstein, who had been treating children with a rare metabolic disorder, noticed that when the medicine she was using splattered, it stained their skin, but not their clothing. So, she put it on her own skin and noted that within hours, her skin turned brown. The product contained dihydroxyacetone (DHA). Soon it was bottled into products like Coppertone QT and others.

By the 1960's a tan indicated a healthy outdoor lifestyle, which intimated good health and fitness. With products containing DHA, it was possible to bronze while sleeping, women could "tan" their legs and go without nylons. Only the top layer of skin was affected, but, on some people the effect was as orange as an "Oompa-Loompa". More work was needed.

By the late 1990's, chemists at Estee Lauder realized that the creams had trapped DHA on the skin's surface, which made for the orange glow. The goal was to trap the DHA into deeper layers so it could react with more skin cells. The breakthrough was an 'atomized droplet' that could be delivered like spray paint. Spray tanning was born.

Spray Tan Fresno CA

Now days, spray tan booths are considered safe. The DHA binds with a protein in our skin and gets absorbed systemically.

It is not recommended to deeply inhale while in a small contained booth. Spray tanning is a far safer alternative to tanning beds, which are referred to as tanning coffins by some medical professionals. And, spray tans are far safer than baking in the sun.

Spray Tan Fresno and Clovis

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**Thanks to Darrell Rigel's piece in The New York Times Magazine and The Tale of Tanning by SkinCancer.org**

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