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facials fresno
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facials fresno

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There's no better way to beautifully arch your brows and set off your eyes than to get them waxed into perfection. Amy is skilled in helping you determine what shape will flatter your face. Waxing removes unwanted hair quickly, from any spot you desire. With time and repeated treatments, the hair will become finer and the growth pattern more sparse.

Eyebrow waxing performed by a professional is the best way to eliminate unwanted facial hair. Don't waste your time and money on painful home remedies that leave you wishing you had gone to the salon in the first place.

Waxing, Tints, Lash Lift

Eyebrow Tint $20
Eyelash Tint $40
Eyelash Lift $75
is maintenance-free, lasts 5-8 weeks; basically a perm for eyelashes; your outcome is natural lashes look curled longer and darker; with a lift-tint combo enhancement: Only $105
Allow an hour for the lash lift and tint.

Lip $15 and up
Eyebrow Styling $25 and up
Full Face $55 and up
Underarms $25 and up
Lower Leg $30 and up
Full Leg $70 and up
Half Arm $30 and up
Full Arm $40 and up
Back $60 and up
Standard Bikini $40 and up
French Bikini $45 and up
Brazilian Bikini $60 and up
Manzilian Waxing $85 and up
Full Body $300

Times for waxing vary depending upon the service received*

Allow 15 minutes per area to be waxed*

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