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facials fresno
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spray tan fresno

facials fresno

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spray tan fresno
spray tans fresno

Spray Tans

The tanning solution Amy uses is a unique blend of organic ingredients designed for all skin tones: Light-Medium-Medium Dark.

Finally, one solution for all skin tones! This tanning solution works different than others on the market. The % of DHA works for ALL SKIN TONES except extremely dark tones.
  • Lasts 7-12 Days
  • Patented Brown-Sugar Formula
  • Pleasant, Naturally Sweet Scent
  • Flawless Fade
  • Organic, Skin Nourishing Ingredients
  • Lightweight, Non-Sticky
  • Paraben-Free
  • Shower within 5-7 hours
  • One Solution For All Skin Tones!

Spray Tan Single Session $35
Students (18 or younger must show school ID - with parental consent) $25
Package of three tans (prepaid) $90
Package of five tans (prepaid) $145

The Day Before Tanning Tips

*Do wax or shave to allow the pores to close before your spray tan.

*Do get a mani or pedi before your spray tan so the scrubs and/or acetone used does not rub off the tan.

*Do exfoliate, using a mitt, to remove the dead skin cells, paying extra attention to the feet, knees and elbows. Do NOT be over zealous and harm the skin surface.

*Do hydrate the skin with lotion (of course, MOISTURIZE always, from head to toe, inside and out!).

The Day of the Tan Tips

*Shower to remove all body lotion, moisturizers, perfume, deodorant, and makeup. These items create a barrier between the solution and your skin. The solution will not absorb properly if not removed from the skin.

DO NOT USE BAR SOAP OF ANY KIND: It will leave a layer of film on your skin, even Ivory and Dove.
DO NOT USE PRODUCTS THAT CONTAIN ANY OIL: The oily barrier can stop the solution from absorbing into the skin properly.

*Exfoliate! Your tan will last longer with proper exfoliation beforehand.

Do not use a "moisturizing" exfoliator: these contain lotion and/or oil. Dove, Bath & Body works, etc., are not good to use before your tan. Your skin should feel dry after you have exfoliated properly. Shower Gel with beads and a loofah are NOT a proper form of exfoliation.

*What to Wear???

*LADIES, you may wear a bathing suit, your under garments, or your birthday suit, whatever you are most comfortable with.

*GENTLEMEN are to wear swim trunks, boxers, or briefs. Nude is not allowed.

Immediate After Tanning Tips

*Loose, baggy clothing is recommended. Lose the bra, if you tanned without it. The bra is okay if worn during the tanning process.

*Flip flops are the preferred shoe choice. Tennis shoes and socks will rub off the tan, so will other confining shoes.

*If it is raining, use an umbrella. No getting wet until after your first shower.

*Once at home, sleeping in your new airbrush tan is recommended, as the color is still processing; although showering five to seven hours after is okay.

*Do avoid a long hot shower or bath.

*Some of the bronzing solution may rub off on your sheets or clothing, which usually washes out.

*When showering, there will be bronzing solution that washes off, which is completely normal.

*Avoid any activity that produces sweat, as your tanning is still developing the first eight hours.

*Take care when brushing your teeth so the toothpaste doesn't drip onto your face.

*No washing dishes, not even with rubber gloves, no giving the kids a bath, until after you have taken your first post-tan shower.

*Avoid doggie kisses, it will leave white spots on your skin.

Maintaining Your New Tan

*Use of a tanning extender daily will help maintain your tan, although the tan will fade between seven to twelve days.

*Be gentle with yourself during your showers: no exfoliating; and after: pat dry rather than abrasive toweling off.

*Shaving will exfoliate, so use a new razor, and try to limit the frequency.

*Bar soaps and alcohol-based products can cause the tan to fade more quickly.

*Avoid use of band-aids, Biore strips, anti-acne and anti-aging products, hair removal and shaving creams.

*Avoid chlorinated hot tubs, saunas, pools, and steam rooms.

*When shaving, use conditioner instead of shaving cream.

*MOISTURIZE DAILY, especially on showered, damp skin.
Moisturize before bed, too. This will help to inhibit the skin from naturally shedding. Choose a moisturizer that is paraben and alcohol-free, as well as one that's not scented, as these will fade your tan more quickly.

*SUNBLOCK is a must! Always.

Thank you for choosing Waxing By Amy for your spray tan!

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