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Tips For At Home Spa Treatments
Waxing, Facials and Make-up

We understand and appreciate how many of us are 'do-it-yourself' people, which can be good, fun, and save money. Stores lure us in with at-home projects including facial, waxing, and hair products at cheaper prices than for the same services at a reputable day spa/salon. They are tempting and oftentimes we experience good results, sometimes, not so much. We have some suggestions that may help.

Medications, taken internally, applied externally, and other topical solutions, can make the skin more susceptible to ripping. At-home pedicures/manicures require good hygiene and sanitation to ward off infection. Hair color and perms can be affected by medications. Over the years many stylists and clients have recommended occasionally washing with baking soda and water, rather than a shampoo and conditioner; it removes product build-up, which is in shampoos, too, clarifying the hair. Start with a smaller ratio of a tbsp mixed with a cup of water, starting at the scalp, gently massaging, and rinse well.

Always be honest with your professional about what you are taking or using, any allergies, etc, keeping track of what products you have used on your hair or skin, so your stylist or other professional will know if there may be any possible negative reactions. If in doubt about using any products, or receiving a service, whether at home or in a day spa/salon, we advise asking your physician.

Hair products are plentiful and for one-color applications, fairly simple. The immediate results are often good. Long-term usage is not always as gratifying, can be damaging to the hair, nor are highlights/low lights as good or beautiful as an experienced professional's work. We suggest doing deep-conditioning treatments weekly and, after a few times of coloring at home, go to your stylist, so he or she can evaluate the condition of your hair, and get a professional 'do', especially a good haircut to help keep your crowning glory looking beautiful in between salon visits.

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Waxing kits for use in the privacy of one's home are available and in the hands of an experienced person, may also give good results; they can also cause damages like infections, tears, scars, and burns, if not used properly.

While we cannot recommend doing any waxing at home, here are some after-bikini-waxing do's and don'ts:

  • avoid the sun immediately after and always use sunscreen
  • avoid strenuous exercising for 24 hours
  • avoid saunas, steam rooms, whirlpools for 48 hours
  • avoid the use of loofas or other exfoliating products for 24 hours
  • avoid tight clothing on waxed areas, and no hot bath, hot shower, or oral sex for ten hours, since heat will open the pores, and they will be ripe for irritation and far more vulnerable to infection from bacteria
  • Many of those tips are also recommended for other waxed areas.

In the hands of a professional, the waxing will take far less time, which equates with less pain, especially self-inflicted, and insures proper use of the materials; waxing the pubic area one's self can be challenging and quite painful, if not sure how to use the wax or do it; having waxing done in a day spa/salon can avoid the redness, bruising, and bumpiness, and while still not pain free, you'll have the comfort of knowing the esthetician doing it is a professional.

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Many products for the face that are over-the-counter, sound and are easy to use. The concentrations are relatively low, to protect the consumer and manufacturer, so many of us over-do to compensate for a lack of immediate miracle results. If a little is good, then a bit more should really do it, right? Wrong! We can be too aggressive with scrubs, damaging our skin more than helping it. We encourage you to follow all directions on the package. Every few months make an appointment to get a day spa/salon facial for the deeper cleansing and the relaxation that treatment offers you.

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While we appreciate the economic crunch is fueling this burning desire to take matters into our own hands, as well as onto other body parts, may we gently remind everyone that trained stylists, estheticians, and nail techs have actually gone to school to learn the proper procedures for these services, including the all-important sanitation, putting in enough hours, in some cases, equivalent to several semesters at any university; they have had to pass strict State tests to prove competence in their chosen fields of study to become licensed professionals.

We have found that after using at-home products, some of us are embarrassed to go back to our regular professional to receive these services. To that we say, no worries! We all really do appreciate trying to do these services ourselves, especially when the professionals make it look so easy. We welcome you back anytime.

Really, you are worth the pampering. We want you to feel wonderful...

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